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Strategy, culture, people and business improvement services

A new approach

Running a business in today’s rapidly changing world sometimes needs a new approach. A fresh pair of eyes can add a new perspective to so many different business issues:

  • Accru plus Market and industry changes
  • Accru plus Unclear strategy
  • Accru plus Disengaged workforce or disjointed culture
  • Accru plus Ineffective leadership teams
  • Accru plus Lack of innovation
  • Accru plus Inefficient processes
  • Accru plus The wrong people doing the wrong work
  • Accru plus Being ill-prepared for change
to succeed.


Our Strategy and Culture experts can solve any problems relating to strategy, people and processes. We are highly collaborative, employ the latest thinking, and are skilled in training, facilitating and coaching. What really sets us apart is that we empower business owners and leadership teams to solve their own problems, by giving them the tools needed


Get Great Coaching Program

The Get Great Coaching Program is designed to support business owners and leaders who want to take the next important step in developing their business. Our goal is to give you tools that improve your leadership, business management and decision making.

Run by our Strategy and Culture experts, the program includes a series of 3-hour workshops and individual coaching sessions using structured content, experiential learning and interaction with peers and business specialists.

  • Accru plus Topic-specific experts
  • Accru plus Maximum 12 people in a group
  • Accru plus No competing industries
  • Accru plus Site visits at interesting locations eg. Tonsley Innovation District
  • Accru plus Sessions throughout the year

Secure your place on our next Get Great Program by contacting Jessica Fazackerley


If you’d like to discuss any of the services above, or simply have a business issue you’re not sure how to solve, contact Jessica Fazackerley to see how we can help.

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All businesses need some kind of strategy, particularly with the speed of change and disruption facing many markets and industries today. We can help you create a strategy that really nails your vision and purpose. Or if you prefer to be more hands-on, we can train your management team on how to do this, and give you essential tools instead. Getting your key people engaged with your strategy is key, as this creates a much stronger commitment to your business. Our strategic planning workshops can really help here. Services include:

  • Accru plus Strategy training for your management team
  • Accru plus Strategic development and facilitation - articulating purpose and value
  • Accru plus Strategic reviews of business operations/functional operations
  • Accru plus Strategic planning workshops
  • Accru plus Compelling strategic plans
  • Accru plus Governance reviews, advice, frameworks and processes to establish sound governance

To discuss any Strategy work for your organisation please contact Jessica Fazackerley.

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Wouldn’t it be great to have engaged and productive stakeholders in your business, so they can play a more active role in delivering your purpose and plan? Improving a workplace culture can have a dramatic improvement on so many areas of a business.

Successful businesses can struggle with maintaining a great culture – growth and change require a focus on strengthening culture from time to time. Growing businesses often have an influx of new people through recruitment, or acquisition or merger, and new leadership can sometimes create a disjointed culture. Equally, people leaving your business either through dissatisfaction or because of operational and structural changes, can mean cultural issues also need to be addressed.

We have a great deal of experience improving the culture in all manner of businesses, through collaborative workshops and engagement processes. Services include:

  • Accru plus Culture definition (values/behaviours)
  • Accru plus Engagement surveys
  • Accru plus Culture improvement: evaluation; program design; implementation support
  • Accru plus Cultural change and development
  • Accru plus Team building and coaching
  • Accru plus Change management
  • Accru plus Facilitated culture workshops

Contact Jessica Fazackerley to see how we can help.

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Leadership Development

There are many ways to invest in your leadership team depending on their skills, how engaged your current leadership team is, how well they are performing and working together, and how empowered your current employees feel. Communication problems within your leadership team, high staff turnover and low productivity are all signs there is room for improvement. However, if you get it right, your business will become stronger and more sustainable.

Our assistance can range from simply trouble-shooting a unique leadership problem right through to running large-scale workshops and events for your entire workforce to get them more engaged. Our training programs are tailored to suit, and we draw on a history of delivering over 2,000 training workshops to over 30,000 people, in many different businesses. Services include:

  • Accru plus Leadership development programs and courses
  • Accru plus Coaching and advice
  • Accru plus Executive/team retreats
  • Accru plus Professional development conferences and programs
  • Accru plus Team building and team development days
  • Accru plus Staff performance management and communication
  • Accru plus Succession planning
  • Accru plus Design and facilitation of large-scale workshops
  • Accru plus HR management advice


Contact Jessica Fazackerley to see how we can help.

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Organisational Reviews and Remodelling

Due to the speed of change all businesses now face, you may need to tweak or totally reinvent your operation to remain relevant. Businesses deal with many external threats such as industry changes, new technologies, funding changes and increased competition. There’s nothing you can do about this, other than prepare well and react effectively. We can help, both with our strategic planning services and by reviewing a part or the whole of your organisation. We can help you remodel your business, and implement necessary changes so you can:

  • Accru plus Strengthen your industry position
  • Accru plus Improve business viability and sustainability
  • Accru plus Develop a better product or service offering to your customers
  • Accru plus Get the right people doing the right work

Our services are varied:

  • Accru plus Innovation workshops
  • Accru plus Capability gap analysis
  • Accru plus Business transformation advice: planning and implementation
  • Accru plus Metric analysis and coaching (interpreting data & making decisions based on metrics)
  • Accru plus Redesign of business models and structures
  • Accru plus Succession planning


Contact Jessica Fazackerley to see how we can help.

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Change Management

Change is the only constant in business. Change can arise for many reasons, including legislative requirements, new product lines, a business relocation, new reporting lines for employees, operational improvements and new IT systems. It can also be more fundamental, for example a full organisational restructure in response to an industry reform. Whatever change is taking place in an organisation, it’s important to approach it correctly.

If you don’t manage change effectively, it creates baggage amongst your workforce that can negatively impact any future changes you want to make. If you do manage change correctly there is less resistance and employees are more engaged - ultimately the outcomes from a change are better, and realised more quickly. Creating a change-ready culture is one of the most powerful things a business can do.

As change management experts, involved in large-scale organisational restructures right through to helping prepare organisations for small projects, we know how to prepare for and implement change. Services include:

  • Accru plus Change management readiness assessment
  • Accru plus Change management training for staff and leaders
  • Accru plus Improving change management leadership
  • Accru plus Developing change management strategies
  • Accru plus Culture building
  • Accru plus Advice on stakeholder communication and engagement
  • Accru plus Change management advice and project governance


To discuss change management please contact Jessica Fazackerley.

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Process Improvement

There is always room for improvement in any business process. Signs that your business processes need to be improved include increasing customer complaints, higher levels of rework, deliveries not being made fast enough and increasing production costs. By assessing quality, cost and delivery – all different components of the production process – you can both address much-needed improvements and get ahead of the game too.

We are experts in process improvement and will work with you to review your processes and make improvements so that quality, cost and delivery are optimised. Services include:

  • Accru plus Process review, design and improvement
  • Accru plus Continuous improvement and coaching
  • Accru plus Lean manufacturing
  • Accru plus Six Sigma (DMAIC)
  • Accru plus Rapid change workshops (Kaizen facilitation)
  • Accru plus Visual management
  • Accru plus Operational management and improvement
  • Accru plus Standardisation
  • Accru plus Managing projects
  • Accru plus Waste identification and reduction


To discuss process improvement please contact Jessica Fazackerley.

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