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Richard Bowden

“There’s always a solution – you’ve just got to think laterally sometimes.”

It was natural for Richard to follow in his family’s footsteps and enter the accounting industry, not least because he enjoys going through a logical process to arrive at an answer. Richard has since applied his skills to many scenarios, especially complex tax. He now leads the tax division at Accru Harris Orchard.

Richard’s unique selling point is being able to think outside the box when assessing a business scenario. His biggest enjoyment comes from solving puzzles in a client’s business or tax situation that don’t have an immediately apparent answer: in fact the more complex the scenario the better! Clients benefit from Richard’s tenacity and ability to explore multiple options to solve a problem. They also appreciate his pragmatic and calm nature, particularly in stressful times like an ATO audit.

Richard ultimately sees his role as being one of optimising the tax and financial position of his clients, whilst managing their exposure to risk. At times this can become complex, due to situations clients can find themselves in, but Richard always keeps the end goal in mind and strives to ensure that a positive outcome is achieved.

In a nutshell:

A lateral thinker who can solve complex problems to benefit clients.