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Pros and cons of working in retirement

As we move through our working lives, most of us hope and plan to transition from a state of financial dependence early on to a secure, financially in...
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Things you might not know about Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

When selling or disposing of an asset, you may make a capital gain or loss. The gain or loss depends on the difference between:   What the asset ...
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Managing risk: Creating a personal insurance plan

Determining risk and your need for personal insurance When faced with a potential risk in your life, such as an accident or serious illness that ...
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The Carry Forward Provision

A superannuation fund, or ‘super’, is a powerful investment tool to help you save money for retirement. However, saving money in a super fund is usual...
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Why a Will is so Important in Estate Planning

Although we all expect to live to a ripe old age, illnesses and accidents can happen at any time – and unfortunately, the results can be both financially and emotionally distressing for those you leave behind if you haven’t planned properly.

Whether you’re currently in retirement or still working, or in good or poor health, having an estate plan in place is vital. With a proper estate plan, you can ensure that the right assets go to the right people (or charities) whenever you die.

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Making an additional super contribution: New rules and steps

Last year, the rules about claiming superannuation contributions changed. Previously, where an employer made a superannuation contribution to your sup...
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When Should You Buy and Review Your Life Insurance?

As we go through life and experience the different events that happen along the way – such as beginning a career, getting married, starting a family o...
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About the Downsizing Measure – Putting Home Sale Proceeds into a Superannuation Fund

Getting ready to retire? Becoming an empty nester soon? If so, you may be considering downsizing and selling your home for a smaller one – or for some...
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10 ways to deal with financial stress

Many pinch points can create financial stress – like debts, tight budgets and major life events such as kids, marriage or retirement. It can also add ...
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Superannuation and Self- Managed Superannuation Funds

Most people have heard of Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) and are familiar with their role in retirement planning, as well as their potentia...
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Understanding Financial Planning

The financial planning process can be a tough one to follow. When investing your money you want to be clear and understand what you’ll be getting at t...
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