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With a degree in Maths, Jessica has a real handle on the ‘numbers’, and an ability to think fast and spot any potential business problems a mile away. While working on anything from business processes to culture, or teams to operations, she empowers people so the organisation can take care of itself. Jessica helps to change mindsets, planting the right seeds with effective training and coaching.

She's good at all of this thanks to a varied background in small and large-scale reforms that go way beyond the theoretical, with experience in turning teams around under very difficult circumstances. As someone who is analytical by nature, it’s obvious to Jessica what needs fixing in a business, and she gets quickly to the heart of a problem. If you need someone with a diverse background in business transformation, operational management, lean manufacturing, change management, HR management and culture, then she's the person to talk to.

Jessica is a genuine professional, a fixer and a source of support. Everyone knows her as an excellent mediator, able to handle difficult conversations, and draw people in to get a resolution.

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