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Accru Harris Orchard: making your business great

Accru Harris Orchard exists to build great businesses. It’s why we started our own business, which is still going strong more than 50 years later.

But what does building a great business actually mean? What does it look like? The answers are different for every individual who owns and runs a business. Watch our video above to hear from some fantastic South Australian businesses working in construction, wine, mushrooms, remote area camp management, quarries and manufacturing. See if their own definitions of a great businesses are the same as yours – then talk to us about how to achieve your business purpose.

Why we stand out

Accru Harris Orchard has developed a methodology that helps businesses to achieve their idea of greatness. It isn’t ‘one-size fits all’ because that goes against everything we know about business owners – your own reasons for starting and being in business are always unique. Our approach caters for many different motivations and appetites for risk.

Yes, we do accounting, tax and bookkeeping. But that’s not what makes Accru Harris Orchard unique. Our purpose is helping to build great businesses, which is why we offer so much more to our clients.

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Our people follow the ‘AHO Way’. This means we challenge our 60-strong team to do things better every day: and that philosophy is the foundation for all of our work with you, to help you build a great business.

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Building a great business doesn’t mean being the biggest or the most profitable. Financial security, compliance and managing risk are also important. You’ll be surprised how many services we’re able to provide.



The business world changes all the time – digital disruption, legislation changes, the latest thinking on how to get the most out of your people. We’ve got you covered in our regular blogs.




Accru Harris Orchard exists to build great businesses. It’s why we started our own business, which is still going strong 50 years later.

Why we stand out

Yes, we do compliance. All accounting firms do. However, what we focus on is making our clients’ businesses great. This means:

 Improving your profit

 Improving your cashflow

 Helping you achieve your financial objectives

 Enabling you to fulfil your financial potential.

Making your business great

Each of our clients has a unique perspective on how they want to develop their business. Those who want to take things further can easily tap into our extensive range of services. Strategic planning, profit improvement, improving culture, leadership & development, innovation, sales & marketing, succession planning – there are so many ways we can help you build a great business.

But the first step is for us to understand what your purpose is. What’s your vision? What are the things that will make your business great? Everything we do after that is about making the right things happen.

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Developing your people

You cannot have a great business without great people.

Your teams need to share your vision and have enthusiasm for your business. Our Strategy and Culture experts can help you get more out of your team. We can develop your people further, and align them with your vision so they better support the leaders of your business.

Alongside culture development, we can also develop higher performing leaders and teams so your organisation becomes stronger and more relevant in a changing business landscape. You’ll be equipped to handle things like digital disruption, tightening budgets and changing expectations from teams and customers.

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